Los Angeles Adventure: Day 3 and 4

Playing a bit of catch up at the moment…

LA Adventure

On Thursday a couple of us woke up and headed to Runyon Canyon to watch the sunrise. So far this was one my favorite places we have visited in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful hike up to see the sunrise, the dogs were all exploring and hiking with their owners which made me miss my puppy and want him to be hiking with me. The sunrise over the cities was absolutely magnificent which made up for the lack of puppy.

LA Adventure

That day I stayed home to study for a test I thought I had to take, which actually got extended. {YAY} I met up with my group in Beverly Hills and reminded me about the movie Clueless! We wandered a bit and then headed back to the apartment. Jerry, Quincy and I adventured to find the roof top of the building and watched the sunset there.

Day 4

2015-11-13 12.00.22

Friday we went to Santa Monica for a photoshoot! I went for a casual beach look. I missed the west coast beaches SO much. Santa Monica was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t get to ride on the ferris wheel and if you know me at all you know how much I LOVE ferris wheels, but we did go on the swings as the sunset and it was absolutely magical! 2015-11-13 16.52.08

After Santa Monica we left for Venice beach where I ran into a friend of mine from back home. I hung out with him for the evening. We found the roof top on his building and watched the city lights for a bit. I think I’m falling in love with rooftops and city lights.

On to the next adventure.


Los Angeles Adventure: Day 2

LA Adventure Day 2

Photographer: Quincy Brooks

Wednesday we headed to two modeling castings. I however forgot my book so it was more along for the ride. The first agency said I didn’t have the look they were going for, but referred me to another agency. The second agency said they would need us to email pictures. In between open calls we went to The Grove which is where the Fairfax Farmers Market is located. I found the Starbucks off the bat of course. Then Quincy {Twitter} and I wandered around taking random pictures. Safe to say Los Angeles is pretty cool I guess.

LA Adventure Day 2


Los Angeles Adventure: Day 1

{I decided last night I would review in the morning instead of at night. Mornings are our down time}

Airport Outfit

Yesterday my friends and I arrived in LA at 9:15. We then took a bus to rent our “bus” a 12 seater van. First order of business was food: In N Out of course!! Maybe not the healthiest thing, but definitely something I have missed from my past trips to California.

In n Out

Then we headed to the grocery store where we found Walmart makes you pay for bags. Stunned as if in a foreign land, we rallied. We bought a couple bags and headed to another store to buy our meat, apparently Walmart didn’t have much of a selection. After grocery shopping we headed to our apartment rental, unloaded everything and settled in to the apartment, a two bedroom, two bathroom, spacious place in Koreatown which also threw us off a bit, but its all about the adventure.

We ate Thai food for dinner and went to sleep early since 9pm here is 12am in Georgia. We all awoke at 6am this morning, a strange occurrence because we thought we had overslept. Ready for todays events. Wish us luck!

Athens Georgia Adventure

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Photographer: Me!

Adventure Time!! I love to go out of my comfort zone as much as I’m comfortable with, oxymoron I know but it is true! This time for my birthday I set out to explore Athens Georgia! Although it was very rainy, we had some awesome food and great adventures. My favorite restaurant was Your Pie which was suggested by my friend Madison. Think Subway, but with pizza. My boyfriend and I split a pizza, I don’t remember what was on his side of it {I think a bit of everything.} Mine had tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil on wheat crust. They make the pizza right then and there so its fresh from the oven when they bring it to the table. I wish there was a Your Pie closer to wear I live. We also made some other stops at Zoe’s Kitchen, The Grill, and Arden’s Garden. At Zoe’s Kitchen I had a big healthy salad at, however I didn’t quite enjoy the quinoa. When we went to The Grill which is a 24 hour 50s diner that has the cutest decorations and some big burgers and even bigger milkshakes. Cody and I had to split the milkshake and I don’t believe we finished it. The Grill would be a wonderful place to go after a late night of drinking at the bars in Downtown Athens. We also made a stop at Arden’s Garden {one of my favorite juice places in Atlanta} to do a much needed Grand Slam. Grand Slams are also great to have before your big night on the town in Athens.

AND last but definitely not least, we made a sudden right turn while driving in Athens to see The Tree That Owns It’s Self! I couldn’t believe we found it! I forgot that the tree was even in Athens. This Tree legally owns itself. The owner of the land in his will left the tree and eight feet around it to itself. Such an independent plant!

Honestly if I could move to Athens next week I would. It has a nightlife like other, wonderful history, amazing people, and an overall wonderful city. Also love that it is “small” compared to Atlanta.

If you ever get the chance go visit Athens Georgia.

Day Trips


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Sometimes daily life gets a bit boring. Running through the daily work, school, homework, sleep, repeat; can be exhausting and mundane. Thats why when my good friend Jenny called me on Friday night and started the conversation with “You’re going to think I’m crazy…” I knew she would have something to shake it up a bit. Jenny wanted to drive up to surprise her boyfriend who lives about four hours away, not a bad drive usually, except we were just going for the day. One day trip, and we had to make it to his church performance that morning to surprise him at 8:45 am. Rise and shine at 2:30 am we got up to prep for church {a.k.a shower, and do our hair} Black leggings and black shirts seem to be the uniform as if we were mourning our own lack of sleep. After a four hour drive we finally arrived at the Starbucks. Bathroom change from mourning to cute outfits for church, and coffee in hand {with and extra shot of espresso for sure} we finished our make up and last leg of the trip {not at the same time of course.} We made it earlier then we expected. After a great worship service, by Impact and a nice sermon to lift our spirits, we had the next 7 hours to waste as we please. We went to lunch at the cuties Italian place that reminded me so much of my Paris trip, napped on a quilt by the bay, and finished up homework at the cutest coffee shop with the sensational soy spiced chai latte. As much as the idea of driving back in the next 3 hours exhausts me this trip was just what I needed. A relocation to reset my mind, body and spirit. New goals to pursue, new friends to be met, and best of all a new blog post to share.

Have a Lovely Monday!