Don’t Be Beautiful, Be Empowered


Photographer: Avery Lynn Photography

Every magazine I read as a teen, every celebrity on television, actress in movies lead me to believe I was never good enough. I needed a thinner waist, more worldly possessions, or a man by my side. Luckily I have a wonderful support system in my life to prevent this idea from taking any real root in my head, however I have realized some women have let these thoughts seep into their minds.

“Trielle you’re goals.” A quote a friend of mine told me after a gym session. Although I am a firm believer in goals, being another person is never attainable.  We will never be Taylor Swift or Gigi Hardid, but then again who needs two of a kind. Wake up every morning and make your first challenge to be better than you were yesterday.

Woman don’t need to be beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most woman sadly get their sense of beauty from men or from the validation of other woman. The problem with these sources is they are not always correct nor do they reflect all of your wonderful qualities. Not everyone is going to like blondes, not everyone will like tattoos, not everyone will think your laugh is cute. Guess what? THAT IS OK!

If you look in the mirror at the person you are and feel good about it then who cares! There will be a bunch of people who like you and see you for the amazing person you are. The otherside of that coin is there will also be people that dont like you.

All these beautiful women in these picture are there own natural beautiful selves. We all have dreams goals and aspirations. We have beautiful faces as well as beautiful souls. We all struggle but we are determined to be empowered!


My challenge is to love yourself! Empower yourself to be the person you have always wanted to be!



Real Life. Real Quick.


Beauty begins the moment you decided to be yourself.

If you know me personally, you know this month was quite difficult for my family and I. Our family was dealing with a Murder Trial. Back in 2011 this astonishing news rocked my families world. No one ever expects to be on tv or see their own family members sobbing at the news a deceased love one.


However my family has shown such strength and adversity. The verdict was guilty and we are all thankful for the truth after 5 years. Our hearts can finally really heal.

Through this rough patch I seem to be thriving! This year I moved  from my parents house in the suburbs south of Atlanta to the college of my dreams, I have been conquering my fears, and finding my place. I have never been so happy to be completely honest. All the opportunities and adventures at my finger tips. I auditioned for a play, found a job, and located the most perfect coffee shop ever.



I can’t stop smiling!

I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life, I hope I can radiate this happiness to others. Everyone deserves to feel like this.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Trielle Hannah

Real Story: Stress

Song: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

So it it one week until my move in day for college.


I still have a ton todo and I’m a little stressed to say the least… two mental breakdowns in stressed. Obviously my stress relievers are working out, blogging, and to do list.

workout-olsen-twin1. Working Out

Recently I have fallen in love with working out. It has become a daily ordeal for me. If I don’t make it to the gym I miss it so much! Exercising is the most under used form of stress relief. When I go to the gym I can leave all my worries and frustrations in the weights I lift. I know that I have control of my body and my actions while I’m in the gym and the muscles I’m trying to build are completely under my control.


2. Blogging

Blogging is also something I can control. No one can tell me how or what I should write about and I can learn so much by reading other blogs. When I sit down to write for my blog I can focus on this one post. After completing it I feel so productive for writing a piece for the world to read. It is less about who reads it and more about knowing I have provided content that hopefully helps someone else with their daily struggles.


3. Todo List

My third and favorite by far, is Todo Lists. If I write down what needs to be done today, tomorrow, or next week I know when to schedule these activities. I usually sit down with my planner so I can make sure I don’t over book myself.

Stress is a part of life. If you can find your stress relievers then it can make combating stress easier. Now that I’ve gotten my work out in, blogging done, it is time for me to write my todo list for the week. Number 1: Start Packing! College here I come!

Why I’m Tired of Being a “Pretty Girl”


All I wanted in middle school was to be a pretty girl. Thank God for puberty. In middle school I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was awkward, dorky, and wore too much eye liner. However with a cute face come lots of responsibility.


Complements are great. Flattery is sweet, but when you’re trying to go about you life it can become annoying.

As girls we love to dress up and wear cute outfits out of the house. {Especially me: obviously or I wouldn’t blog about clothes in my free time.} I for one have never dressed up for a guy. Guys don’t admire the effort in my attire or how a matched my structured bag with my shoes AND matches the amount of work I have to do that day. If women really wanted to dress for guys all we would need to do is leave the house in nothing but heels, but thats not very becoming.


I for one am tired of the sexualized attention. I cannot quite identify if its just our generation or if these kind of “skip-daters” have always existed and has just become more prominent. I feel like our dating world now throws dating out the window and goes straight to “Netflix and chill.” It is like being lost in an array of short term happiness and no long term commitment. After becoming recently single for the past four months I have become terrified of the “dating” world …. aka “hook up” central.


I use to think I just hated first dates. They’re uncomfortable nerve-racking and stressful. If they go well they can end up becoming the start of something wonderful.


Consequently I have found that Sex has become like an obligation and people expect if you go out. No one can just appreciate a decent conversation over a cup of coffee. When I go on a date I want to attempt to solve world problems, not worry that I’m going to end up creating one.


The expectation of everyone putting out is also so predominate it is hard to get away from. Kind acts have stings attached. Opening the door for your lady has become like foreplay, dinner is the first kiss, and walking her to the door as become a direct invite to sleepover.


I wish I had tips to give about navigating todays dating world, sadly I have no idea. I get text about “chilling” but never phone calls about dating. I have never felt so much like a piece of meat in my life. Is this just my experience or are others having this trouble as well?


I am not a piece of meat. I’m not spending all nighters and going into debt for a college education just to become a voiceless trophy wife. I have opinions and thoughts on the world around me. I work out because I want to impress myself. I dress up to impress myself. When I want to go out to eat I take myself. If you can’t date yourself, who can you date!


Society may have become more sexualized but that doesn’t mean we all need to act on it. You are your own person and society may move you, but it does not control you.


For now I’ll just enjoy my solitute at home, buy myself dinner, and write blog posts while I sip my coffee till the dating world take a chill pill.



Honest Hour: My Acne Story

My Acne Story

Everyone gets them at one time or another. Those annoying pimples that pop up right when you have something important coming up. I had clear-ish for the most part skin in my first two years of high school, and of course I took it completely for granted. Then the worst thing that can happen to a high schooler, and pimple explosion on my face. This was last November, I had consistent acne for three years, and I was ready to do something about it.
Before Acne PictureBefore Acne PictureBefore Acne Picture

This was me exactly a year ago. I had major scaring and bruising. I did not feel comfortable without make up on, but even with make up you could still see the scaring.I had people come in to my work place and tell me things I should try and pointing out my acne. Already having a lack of confidence regarding my skin, my self esteem took a beating hearing strangers commenting on it. I tried salt water, different soaps, different ways of cleansing etc. I tried everything I could and still nothing worked. My mom finally told me to go to my dermatologist and ask about getting antibiotics. The dermatologist put me on a mild antibiotic to battle the acne from within. I also started getting facial’s from my aunt at Ageless Aesthetics. I went to get facials almost every other week. I washed my face twice a day using a cleanser, toner, and a spot treatment as well as a scrub twice a week. For a couple months I thought I was doing everything I could with no results. In face my skin was getting worst, its called purging. Purging how your skin reacts to new treatments, it gets worst and then gets better. Better did come but slowly and surely….


After IMG_0246IMG_0247

Almost all the bruising has gone down. My skin has never looked better. Everyone who knew me before comments on how wonderful it looks in comparison. I feel so much better about myself and who I can be. I wish I hadn’t let my acne control me, but its hard pursing a modeling career in the fast paced competitive fashion world.

Just a couple tips for concurring your acne.

  1. DO NOT POP! Everyone knows not to, but they do it anyway. I tested it! I had two zits on different sides and I popped one and left the other alone and the one I didn’t pop healed first! Please learn from my mistakes.
  2. Talk to your dermatologist: Acne is not something to be ashamed of. Dermatologists are skin doctors! If you can go to them for abnormal skin things, why not acne? They know more than we do.
  3. Stick to a Routine: never go to bed with out washing your face at the very least. I use my routine to get myself ready for bed, face washed, teeth brushed, and in bed!

Don’t let the little things in life get you down. Make the best of everything you have.

Day Before Halloween Ideas


If you’re like me, you usually let Halloween sneak up on you as you get swept up in work and school. Have no fear {well maybe a little fear it is Halloween after all} I’m here with some quick last minute make up ideas so you don’t have to go as yourself like last year! Most of these looks all you will need is black eye liner, red lipstick or black lipstick.

This is my friend Alisha! She decided to be a Vampire from Mystic Falls! If you have not watched Vampire Diaries you should consider it. I love how simple this is but still very cute. All you need is some of the fake blood, red lipstick, and black eye liner. Then bring on the Vampire Hunters!

This is my friend Rebekah! She was a Lion. Her look is also very simple and easy to put together last minute. All this lioness calls for is black eyeliner and a bit of eye shadow. If you’re feeling up to it, tease up that hair as much as you can for a real mane. Find all your tan clothes and color in those whiskers, Simba’s got some competition.

Nanami Halloween Make Up

This is Nanami! She did this spooky make up, if you wish to go for a creepier look. It’s simplistic, yet gets the job done with a bit of fright. I believe she used one of the blood packets on the outside of her eyes to create the injured look and black eyes and lips create some drama. If you’re more on the spooky side this look is for you. You’ll definitely turn heads, and not just zombies and owls.

Whether you’re trying to look sexy or spooky head to the store and get some blood or black eyeliner if you don’t already have them and bring on the night!

However if you absolutely waited till the last minute, make a costume like Dallas Clayton. All you’ll need is a poster board, some markers, and a way to hang it on yourself. At least this is a bit better than plan old you with a name tag like last year.

Thanks for reading and listening to my puns

What are you going as for Halloween??

Till next time! Happy Halloween!

Love Standards


Once upon a time… My friend Chelsea and I after being hurt and not dating the guys we deserve, collaborated to make a list of rules and standards which we think we should apply to the people we date. Now we have decided to share them with you:


  1.  if they do not give you the time of day, why give them some of yours?
  2. if someone is truly interested in you, you will talk to them almost everyday. if it’s been more than 2 days and you haven’t heard from them move on.
  3. they need to have goals and aspirations that are actually attainable and have a plan on how they are going to reach those goals.
  4. have a job!
  5. if you are the one that has to drive them around and drop them off, they will take you for granted.
  6. actions speak louder than words ALWAYS. watch what they do don’t listen to what they say.
  7. if they break promises, break it off
  8. if they say that they are going to do something make sure they do it. if not move on. You don’t need that crap in your life.
  9. who you surround yourself with reflects you. make sure that the crowd you’re in is actually doing good things with their lives.

SO much to write about and not enough time to write about it.


Life has me running marathons at the moment. With everything going on like school starting, ended relationship, new blonde hair, applying to a new school, busy job, new workout regiment etc. A magical more-time-in-the-day potion would be great! I’m trying to be proactive with my time but sometimes all I want to do is sit and watch The Office {my current Netflix obsession} and eat and entire thing of soy ice cream. Instead I am currently sitting at Starbucks sipping a green tea with mango, writing this update of what is to come.

I have some planned stories for the blog coming up:

My Acne Story: Explaining my acne story and what did and didn’t work for me.

My College Tips Tricks and Trials: More trials then tips, but life goes on!

How I dealt with a Break Up: Working through the mixings of feelings. You are not alone.

More Instagram posts!!

Life may have caught me up the stream but with my paddle full of plans we will get places! Keep up with all all the crazy, its way more fun than the Kardashians.

xoxo Gossip… I mean Fashion Keeper!

Back to School

It’s that time of year again. Away go the bikinis and out come the books. For us college students it means a new course load, book list, and professors. Honestly, I’m excited for school this year. Summer becomes a little to boring after about a month of only working and hanging out with friends. I need stimulation, something to keep me busy and progressing not just floating through everyday life.


Photographer: Andrew Todd

My campus favorites at pretty simple. I always have my phone and my external charger. You never know when you cant find a plug and it is nice to have a back up. A book and headphones to past the time between classes. A handful of make up quick touch up products. I usually don’t wear too much make up to class, lets my skin breath a bit. Of course my campus life wouldn’t be complete without a ridiculously large bag to carry it all in and a cute wallet too.

_MG_6346I spend a lot of time in the library. I love the quiet and productivity of it.

_MG_6348Have to catch up on the gossip!

_MG_6362Honestly though just have a good semester. Focus on your studies but don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it.

I’m Back!

Travel Series

I’m back! It has been a long slightly stressful adventure, not only with the blog, but with my summer. I have been none stop traveling or house sitting for all of June and half of July. I figured since I have learned from my traveling endeavors I would pass on my “wisdom” to you! I hereby announce the beginning of a Travel Series!