Don’t Be Beautiful, Be Empowered


Photographer: Avery Lynn Photography

Every magazine I read as a teen, every celebrity on television, actress in movies lead me to believe I was never good enough. I needed a thinner waist, more worldly possessions, or a man by my side. Luckily I have a wonderful support system in my life to prevent this idea from taking any real root in my head, however I have realized some women have let these thoughts seep into their minds.

“Trielle you’re goals.” A quote a friend of mine told me after a gym session. Although I am a firm believer in goals, being another person is never attainable.  We will never be Taylor Swift or Gigi Hardid, but then again who needs two of a kind. Wake up every morning and make your first challenge to be better than you were yesterday.

Woman don’t need to be beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and most woman sadly get their sense of beauty from men or from the validation of other woman. The problem with these sources is they are not always correct nor do they reflect all of your wonderful qualities. Not everyone is going to like blondes, not everyone will like tattoos, not everyone will think your laugh is cute. Guess what? THAT IS OK!

If you look in the mirror at the person you are and feel good about it then who cares! There will be a bunch of people who like you and see you for the amazing person you are. The otherside of that coin is there will also be people that dont like you.

All these beautiful women in these picture are there own natural beautiful selves. We all have dreams goals and aspirations. We have beautiful faces as well as beautiful souls. We all struggle but we are determined to be empowered!


My challenge is to love yourself! Empower yourself to be the person you have always wanted to be!



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