Real Story: Stress

Song: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

So it it one week until my move in day for college.


I still have a ton todo and I’m a little stressed to say the least… two mental breakdowns in stressed. Obviously my stress relievers are working out, blogging, and to do list.

workout-olsen-twin1. Working Out

Recently I have fallen in love with working out. It has become a daily ordeal for me. If I don’t make it to the gym I miss it so much! Exercising is the most under used form of stress relief. When I go to the gym I can leave all my worries and frustrations in the weights I lift. I know that I have control of my body and my actions while I’m in the gym and the muscles I’m trying to build are completely under my control.


2. Blogging

Blogging is also something I can control. No one can tell me how or what I should write about and I can learn so much by reading other blogs. When I sit down to write for my blog I can focus on this one post. After completing it I feel so productive for writing a piece for the world to read. It is less about who reads it and more about knowing I have provided content that hopefully helps someone else with their daily struggles.


3. Todo List

My third and favorite by far, is Todo Lists. If I write down what needs to be done today, tomorrow, or next week I know when to schedule these activities. I usually sit down with my planner so I can make sure I don’t over book myself.

Stress is a part of life. If you can find your stress relievers then it can make combating stress easier. Now that I’ve gotten my work out in, blogging done, it is time for me to write my todo list for the week. Number 1: Start Packing! College here I come!


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