Why I’m Tired of Being a “Pretty Girl”


All I wanted in middle school was to be a pretty girl. Thank God for puberty. In middle school I didn’t think I was going to make it. I was awkward, dorky, and wore too much eye liner. However with a cute face come lots of responsibility.


Complements are great. Flattery is sweet, but when you’re trying to go about you life it can become annoying.

As girls we love to dress up and wear cute outfits out of the house. {Especially me: obviously or I wouldn’t blog about clothes in my free time.} I for one have never dressed up for a guy. Guys don’t admire the effort in my attire or how a matched my structured bag with my shoes AND matches the amount of work I have to do that day. If women really wanted to dress for guys all we would need to do is leave the house in nothing but heels, but thats not very becoming.


I for one am tired of the sexualized attention. I cannot quite identify if its just our generation or if these kind of “skip-daters” have always existed and has just become more prominent. I feel like our dating world now throws dating out the window and goes straight to “Netflix and chill.” It is like being lost in an array of short term happiness and no long term commitment. After becoming recently single for the past four months I have become terrified of the “dating” world …. aka “hook up” central.


I use to think I just hated first dates. They’re uncomfortable nerve-racking and stressful. If they go well they can end up becoming the start of something wonderful.


Consequently I have found that Sex has become like an obligation and people expect if you go out. No one can just appreciate a decent conversation over a cup of coffee. When I go on a date I want to attempt to solve world problems, not worry that I’m going to end up creating one.


The expectation of everyone putting out is also so predominate it is hard to get away from. Kind acts have stings attached. Opening the door for your lady has become like foreplay, dinner is the first kiss, and walking her to the door as become a direct invite to sleepover.


I wish I had tips to give about navigating todays dating world, sadly I have no idea. I get text about “chilling” but never phone calls about dating. I have never felt so much like a piece of meat in my life. Is this just my experience or are others having this trouble as well?


I am not a piece of meat. I’m not spending all nighters and going into debt for a college education just to become a voiceless trophy wife. I have opinions and thoughts on the world around me. I work out because I want to impress myself. I dress up to impress myself. When I want to go out to eat I take myself. If you can’t date yourself, who can you date!


Society may have become more sexualized but that doesn’t mean we all need to act on it. You are your own person and society may move you, but it does not control you.


For now I’ll just enjoy my solitute at home, buy myself dinner, and write blog posts while I sip my coffee till the dating world take a chill pill.




3 thoughts on “Why I’m Tired of Being a “Pretty Girl”

  1. Daniela Reyes (@itsdanielareyes) says:

    I honestly love this post, I posted the other day on my blog about this but in a different way, but seriously, you’re right now everybody is expecting on going to the next level instead of enjoying an incredible conversation and have a laugh and getting know each other. Love this.

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