Los Angeles Adventure: Day 3 and 4

Playing a bit of catch up at the moment…

LA Adventure

On Thursday a couple of us woke up and headed to Runyon Canyon to watch the sunrise. So far this was one my favorite places we have visited in Los Angeles. It was a wonderful hike up to see the sunrise, the dogs were all exploring and hiking with their owners which made me miss my puppy and want him to be hiking with me. The sunrise over the cities was absolutely magnificent which made up for the lack of puppy.

LA Adventure

That day I stayed home to study for a test I thought I had to take, which actually got extended. {YAY} I met up with my group in Beverly Hills and reminded me about the movie Clueless! We wandered a bit and then headed back to the apartment. Jerry, Quincy and I adventured to find the roof top of the building and watched the sunset there.

Day 4

2015-11-13 12.00.22

Friday we went to Santa Monica for a photoshoot! I went for a casual beach look. I missed the west coast beaches SO much. Santa Monica was absolutely beautiful. I didn’t get to ride on the ferris wheel and if you know me at all you know how much I LOVE ferris wheels, but we did go on the swings as the sunset and it was absolutely magical! 2015-11-13 16.52.08

After Santa Monica we left for Venice beach where I ran into a friend of mine from back home. I hung out with him for the evening. We found the roof top on his building and watched the city lights for a bit. I think I’m falling in love with rooftops and city lights.

On to the next adventure.


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