Los Angeles Adventure: Day 1

{I decided last night I would review in the morning instead of at night. Mornings are our down time}

Airport Outfit

Yesterday my friends and I arrived in LA at 9:15. We then took a bus to rent our “bus” a 12 seater van. First order of business was food: In N Out of course!! Maybe not the healthiest thing, but definitely something I have missed from my past trips to California.

In n Out

Then we headed to the grocery store where we found Walmart makes you pay for bags. Stunned as if in a foreign land, we rallied. We bought a couple bags and headed to another store to buy our meat, apparently Walmart didn’t have much of a selection. After grocery shopping we headed to our apartment rental, unloaded everything and settled in to the apartment, a two bedroom, two bathroom, spacious place in Koreatown which also threw us off a bit, but its all about the adventure.

We ate Thai food for dinner and went to sleep early since 9pm here is 12am in Georgia. We all awoke at 6am this morning, a strange occurrence because we thought we had overslept. Ready for todays events. Wish us luck!


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