Honest Hour: My Acne Story

My Acne Story

Everyone gets them at one time or another. Those annoying pimples that pop up right when you have something important coming up. I had clear-ish for the most part skin in my first two years of high school, and of course I took it completely for granted. Then the worst thing that can happen to a high schooler, and pimple explosion on my face. This was last November, I had consistent acne for three years, and I was ready to do something about it.
Before Acne PictureBefore Acne PictureBefore Acne Picture

This was me exactly a year ago. I had major scaring and bruising. I did not feel comfortable without make up on, but even with make up you could still see the scaring.I had people come in to my work place and tell me things I should try and pointing out my acne. Already having a lack of confidence regarding my skin, my self esteem took a beating hearing strangers commenting on it. I tried salt water, different soaps, different ways of cleansing etc. I tried everything I could and still nothing worked. My mom finally told me to go to my dermatologist and ask about getting antibiotics. The dermatologist put me on a mild antibiotic to battle the acne from within. I also started getting facial’s from my aunt at Ageless Aesthetics. I went to get facials almost every other week. I washed my face twice a day using a cleanser, toner, and a spot treatment as well as a scrub twice a week. For a couple months I thought I was doing everything I could with no results. In face my skin was getting worst, its called purging. Purging how your skin reacts to new treatments, it gets worst and then gets better. Better did come but slowly and surely….


After IMG_0246IMG_0247

Almost all the bruising has gone down. My skin has never looked better. Everyone who knew me before comments on how wonderful it looks in comparison. I feel so much better about myself and who I can be. I wish I hadn’t let my acne control me, but its hard pursing a modeling career in the fast paced competitive fashion world.

Just a couple tips for concurring your acne.

  1. DO NOT POP! Everyone knows not to, but they do it anyway. I tested it! I had two zits on different sides and I popped one and left the other alone and the one I didn’t pop healed first! Please learn from my mistakes.
  2. Talk to your dermatologist: Acne is not something to be ashamed of. Dermatologists are skin doctors! If you can go to them for abnormal skin things, why not acne? They know more than we do.
  3. Stick to a Routine: never go to bed with out washing your face at the very least. I use my routine to get myself ready for bed, face washed, teeth brushed, and in bed!

Don’t let the little things in life get you down. Make the best of everything you have.


10 thoughts on “Honest Hour: My Acne Story

  1. Julie says:

    You are so brave for sharing this. I also struggled with acne during high school and had to have medicine and topical treatments from the dermatologist. Now that I am 28, things are much clearer, but it definitely took some time. I still have occasional pimples that pop up, and I have to be sure and stick to a cleansing routine to prevent the breakouts. You look great!

  2. Samantha Sali says:

    Thanks for sharing! I don’t really struggle with acne but I’m so happy that you are open and brave enough to share your pictures and experience. I have plenty of friends who refuse to share their photos because they struggle with acne.

  3. rawacnefighter says:

    Beautiful! Definitely agree about not popping/touching your face. A few other big ones are making sure to wash your sheets/pillowcases, hydration and diet, and any shampoos/detergents that you could be sensitive to.

  4. booksnbakery says:

    Oy, when people comment on it.. seriously? as if we don’t know it’s there…. i’m so glad that you’ve figured out what works for you! mine has decreased significantly, finally. I’m 30 by the way. so yeah. Stinking stinkingness. but i’ve got health problems that are freaking it out. Hooray for clearer skin! I’ve always had a dream of only needing to wear mascara and lip gloss =)

  5. adguglielmo2012 says:

    I’m glad you found a good system! I’ve struggled with acne on and off and tried things that have definitely made it worse (NEVER put coconut oil on your face!) and some counterintuitive things that have made it better (I just rinse with water in the morning/use cleanser at night). It feels so uncomfortable and out of control when our skin is acting up, so I’m glad that you discovered something that works!

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