Day Before Halloween Ideas


If you’re like me, you usually let Halloween sneak up on you as you get swept up in work and school. Have no fear {well maybe a little fear it is Halloween after all} I’m here with some quick last minute make up ideas so you don’t have to go as yourself like last year! Most of these looks all you will need is black eye liner, red lipstick or black lipstick.

This is my friend Alisha! She decided to be a Vampire from Mystic Falls! If you have not watched Vampire Diaries you should consider it. I love how simple this is but still very cute. All you need is some of the fake blood, red lipstick, and black eye liner. Then bring on the Vampire Hunters!

This is my friend Rebekah! She was a Lion. Her look is also very simple and easy to put together last minute. All this lioness calls for is black eyeliner and a bit of eye shadow. If you’re feeling up to it, tease up that hair as much as you can for a real mane. Find all your tan clothes and color in those whiskers, Simba’s got some competition.

Nanami Halloween Make Up

This is Nanami! She did this spooky make up, if you wish to go for a creepier look. It’s simplistic, yet gets the job done with a bit of fright. I believe she used one of the blood packets on the outside of her eyes to create the injured look and black eyes and lips create some drama. If you’re more on the spooky side this look is for you. You’ll definitely turn heads, and not just zombies and owls.

Whether you’re trying to look sexy or spooky head to the store and get some blood or black eyeliner if you don’t already have them and bring on the night!

However if you absolutely waited till the last minute, make a costume like Dallas Clayton. All you’ll need is a poster board, some markers, and a way to hang it on yourself. At least this is a bit better than plan old you with a name tag like last year.

Thanks for reading and listening to my puns

What are you going as for Halloween??

Till next time! Happy Halloween!


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