Travel Series: Top 5 Road Trip Tips

Travel Series

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a road trip with two of my best friends from my childhood. We headed from Atlanta, GeorgiIMG_3775a, USA to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. {For the Women’s World Cup Game, which was absolutely fantastic.} We had been planning the trip for about two months before going to decide who we would stay with along the way and who needed to bring what and such. I personally can say I learned a ton on this trip. I learned more about myself and other cities around America throughout the trip. If you get the chance to go on such a road trip with good friends, GO FOR IT, but make sure to read my tips before you head on the road.

Don’t Pack Everything

I know every travel blog out there tells everyone to pack light, but on road trips especially. I thought I packed light, but I didn’t even wear half of the clothes I brought. I stuck to comfy shorts/Capri leggings/leggings and loose-fitting, flowing shirts. The possibility for dressing cute is still an option, but you want it to be the comfy sort of cute.  I prefer a flowing tunic and Capri leggings with sandals for driving, that way you can take your shoes off and curl up. Also You can repeat outfits, people from Minneapolis are not going to know you are wearing the same leggings from when you were in Chicago.

Seat Jobs Assignments

Like mom giving you chores, everyone in the car agree on car jobs to keep the car clean and efficient. We also named our jobs officially so we could be proud of the things we had to do.

Three Seat Example: Front Drivers Seat: Drive. That is all! Front Passenger: Trash Ambassador and Head of Navigation. Backseat: Snacks Distributor and Assistant in Navigation. 

IMG_5789If everyone has a job its easy to keep things organized.

Bring a Pillow and a Blanket

You wont always have control of the AC. It may be cold or hot and you at least want a blanket and pillow if you do find yourself lucky enough to be in the backseat. {Backseat is the most comfortable place to sleep.}

Health Conscious

One of my mistakes on the road was not to take very good care of myself. I ended up getting sick the last few days. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m going to guess I did not wash my hands as much as I should have, although I did wash them frequently! Make sure you bring a First Aid Kit on your trip, just incase someone gets a paper cut or something. {I got three total, all in one day.} Hand Sanitizer in a must too! I would also bring Emergen-C! If you have never heard of them, drive to your nearest grocery store and buy some, they are in the medicine section. They are individual packets of Vitamin C goodies! They have a wonderful fizzy texture and yummy taste {raspberry is my favorite.}  Just remember to take care of yourself!

Plan for Spontaneity

The best part about road trips is the room for changes depending on the day, weather, who you run into, anything can alter your exact plans. The way we formulated our trip was to have a couple of hours in the big cities we went to and saw what or who we wanted to see in those cities before moving on. Get the most out of your trip, you may only get the chance to road trip with your besties once in a lifetime.

Have fun traveling Babes!

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