Sick and Tired of Being Sick

Photographer: Cody Currey

As much as I enjoy spring, my body can not handle the beauty all at once. I have been down on and off sick for about three weeks. Spring is such a lovely time of the year that it is hard to have to stay inside during such amazing weather.

So since I’m stuck in bed, how about my three favorite things to do while I’m sick.

1. Relax

While I’m sick I listen to my body. I’m always going when I’m not sick, so when I finally do get sick I try to take it as a sign from my body that I need a day or two to recover. Kick back, catch up on some Netflix, and just nap that cold away.

2. Bring On The Tea Party

Drink Tea! If you don’t already drink tea on a daily bases already, start now! Tea is much healthier then coffee, that is if you can possibly give up your morning cup of coffee in the morning. Of course drink more than just tea, your body needs to recover. Also be sure to add some of these great additions to aid in your recovery.

Ginger: My mom is a huge ginger fan. She will eat a piece of ginger everyday to ward off any kind of sickness. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps in opening up your lungs and get rid of all of that gross mucus. I have a hard time eating ginger straight because I’m not a fan of the taste. To make the taste more pleasing I enjoy covering the ginger slice with honey, it makes it a bit more bearable and brings me to my net additive.

Honey: Skip the sugar and sweeten your tea with honey. Honey has the power to soothe sore throats and relives your cough for the time being. I enjoy natural honey, locally harvested{if thats the right word} is usually best. My family use to get it from a family friend of ours, It was the best honey I have ever had. I put it on anything.

Lemon: When life hands you a cold, give it lemons! Lemons, like honey also have the power to fight off that cough. Plus lemon is full of Vitamin C to help fight that cold. Also helps to relieve sore throat.

3. Vitamins!

Make sure you’re taking your vitamins. Personally I like chewable vitamins. I have a multi-vitamin, vitamin C, vitamin D, and iron, that I try to take every morning. Chewable help me remember/enjoy taking them. I do not usually eat gummy candies so this way I’m getting two in one. Which ever way you prefer you vitamins is up to you.

I hope you enjoy these tips that I’m typing from my bed. Hope you all are healthy and happy. More Fashion to come during healthier days!

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