Day Trips


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Sometimes daily life gets a bit boring. Running through the daily work, school, homework, sleep, repeat; can be exhausting and mundane. Thats why when my good friend Jenny called me on Friday night and started the conversation with “You’re going to think I’m crazy…” I knew she would have something to shake it up a bit. Jenny wanted to drive up to surprise her boyfriend who lives about four hours away, not a bad drive usually, except we were just going for the day. One day trip, and we had to make it to his church performance that morning to surprise him at 8:45 am. Rise and shine at 2:30 am we got up to prep for church {a.k.a shower, and do our hair} Black leggings and black shirts seem to be the uniform as if we were mourning our own lack of sleep. After a four hour drive we finally arrived at the Starbucks. Bathroom change from mourning to cute outfits for church, and coffee in hand {with and extra shot of espresso for sure} we finished our make up and last leg of the trip {not at the same time of course.} We made it earlier then we expected. After a great worship service, by Impact and a nice sermon to lift our spirits, we had the next 7 hours to waste as we please. We went to lunch at the cuties Italian place that reminded me so much of my Paris trip, napped on a quilt by the bay, and finished up homework at the cutest coffee shop with the sensational soy spiced chai latte. As much as the idea of driving back in the next 3 hours exhausts me this trip was just what I needed. A relocation to reset my mind, body and spirit. New goals to pursue, new friends to be met, and best of all a new blog post to share.

Have a Lovely Monday!


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